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Dance Class Service

Each fall Arbor Heights 2nd-graders participate in a DISCOVER Dance Residency with the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB). For two months, students participate in two 30-45-minute dance classes each week with a PNB teaching artist. During the residency, students learn dance and choreographic concepts. As they progress, each classroom creates a dance to perform on stage at McCaw Hall.

An Elementary school is a place where the first social and community life of your child start. It becomes a second home for boys and girls, all of whom are naturally curious about the world around them, as well as excited about learning.

Kiddlez’s curriculum is designed to build on this natural curiosity and to channel the enthusiasm of the boys into a lifelong love for learning, discovery and understanding.Throughout all four grades of our education boys and girls are exposed to a rich, broad curriculum through which they develop a strong foundation of basic academic skills, as well as a vast range of experiences in which they can learn, create and imagine, culminating in the Fourth Grade with opportunities to lead.

The program challenges each boy as appropriate and helps develop a love of reading and writing, competence in and excitement about mathematics, and the beginning skills of inquiry and research. The boys explore the worlds of music, art, and drama, giving voice to their creative spirits, and participate every day in physical activities that utilize the boys’ innate need for movement and exercise. Spanish is introduced to the boys in the 1st Grade.

Our teachers are one of a kind. They are lovely with the kids and very well trained.
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We focus on the needs of small to middle market businesses, not the Fortune 5000.
At our school we learn about feeling safe and loved, being friendly and coping with hard feelings.
Shabbat is the special moment of the week, the kids enjoy dancing and singing altogether.

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