Welcome to Kindergarten 

Children are born curious, natural scientists. For this reason, we designed our highly regarded STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music) to enhance their natural abilities. In this program, kindergartners learn about the earth, plants and animals, the watercycle, about light, magnetic forces, sound, and so much more of the things that they instinctively are excited to learn about. STEAM serves as a vehicle through which other subjects are taught and integrated with specific emphasis on the development of strong literacy, mathematics, critical-thinking and problem solving skills that will help ensure acamedic success as students grow. Our comprehensive Kindergarten program also provides students with daily lessons in second language study, Judaica, music, art, library, physical education, social studies and much more. Students learn individually and in groups – always in classrooms small enough to allow for individualized attention – a hallmark of our program.